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Participation Form - National Employee Engagement Survey
What types of reports will be available? Three types of reports will be available.
  1. Generic Report :
    • National overall report (consolidated results from all participants)
    • National sector specific report (consolidated results from all participating members working in a given sector)
  2. Company-specific report (provided upon request) will include the above PLUS consolidated results for the participating member company compared to national /sector benchmark.
Price structure as follows:
  • Less than 50 employees: free
  • 50-200 employees $100 per company
  • Above 200 employees: $200 per company
  1. Bespoke survey: companies who opt for a customised survey with additional demographics data can have access to our online reporting tool with possibility to generate more detailed sub-group reports down to department / teams earns earns with minimum size of 10 respondents.

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